What does it mean when I see water coming up from my floor drain?

This often means that the drain is beginning to partially, or fully, become blocked by debris.


Do I need to call you every year if we need our backflow tested?

No, we can set up a preventive maintenance schedule to avoid the yearly letters from the city or municipality.

Do you have a camera that can scope drain lines?

Yes, we have two cameras that can scope a variety of drain lines.


Our tenants are experiencing intermittent hot water. Why would this happen?

There might be a cross connection in the building where hot and cold lines come together.


Are you able to service water conditioning equipment?

Yes, Conestogo Mechanical can service your water conditioning needs.


Do I need to do preventive maintenance on my commercial HVAC equipment?

Yes, we suggest quarterly maintenance and would be happy to provide a Preventive Maintenance proposal.


How often should I change my filters?

We suggest changing filters every three months.


How long should my commercial HVAC unit last?

The life expectancy of an HVAC unit is 12-15 years.

Does Conestogo Mechanical do work on boiler systems?

Yes, Conestogo Mechanical is trained and works with boiler systems.


Is upgrading my current HVAC system to a new ‘high efficiency’ system worth the investment?

As the cost of energy continues to rise, we would suggest replacing HVAC equipment with a higher-efficiency piece of equipment. It is worth the investment, and in some cases could result in rebates. We would be happy to provide a proposal for an upgrade.


Should I have my duct work cleaned?

Depending on the age of the facility and recent renovations, having the ducts cleaned is recommended.