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Property Managers can depend on our qualified team to provide commercial plumbing maintenance, upgrades, and repairs.

Commercial Plumbing Maintenance Service

In order to ensure that your commercial plumbing systems are functioning effectively and efficiently, it is important that they receive ongoing, routine maintenance.

Plumbing equipment by nature of their mechanical make-up require ongoing routine maintenance. This requires servicing by personnel for the purpose of maintaining equipment in satisfactory operating condition by providing systematic, inspection, detection, and correction of incipient failures either before they occur or develop into major defects.

Our experts can provide routine maintenance service for all plumbing equipment and systems at intervals that work best for your business. From weekly inspections to annual packages, contact us and we will customize a program that meets your needs.

Backflow Prevention

Conestogo has dedicated team members to assist with cross connection and backflow prevention service and maintenance.

What is backflow?

Backflow is what happens when water in a plumbing system flows in the opposite direction that it was intended. This can result in unwanted and contaminated water to run into a potable water source, posing a serious health risk.

In most jurisdictions, backflow prevention devices must be tested annually.

Contact us for expert advice, testing, and backflow prevention service.

Commercial Water Conditioning

Conestogo Mechanical employs technicians that are trained, experienced, and work on commercial and industrial water conditioning systems every day.

Our expert team installs, repairs, and maintains:

  • Conventional water softeners
  • Iron filtration
  • Ultra-violet (UV) filtration
  • Reverse osmosis systems
  • Polishers and deionizing equipment

Commercial building services include: water conditioning installations and maintenance to food processing plants, automotive process plants, laboratories, and potable drinking water systems.

Multi-residential building services include: water softeners, iron filtration, UV filtration, and reverse osmosis drinking water systems.

Commercial Drain Inspection & Drain Clearing

Drainage systems can become restricted for various reasons, including blockages, sags in piping, collapsed piping, or interior corrosion. These occurrences can cause serious problems for your commercial, industrial, institutional, or multi-residential building.

Conestogo Mechanical’s team will employ drain inspection cameras to scope and inspect drainage systems up to 8” in diameter. Using a variety of high-tech cameras and fibre optic cables, we can inspect a wide range of plumbing and piping systems, in order to accurately assess the problem and determine the best course of action to solve your drainage issues.

Once plumbing and piping systems are inspected, we have the necessary equipment to clear drains from 1.25” to 8” in diameter, using power augers, power flushing, or jetting.

Contact us for expert inspection and drain clearing.

Commercial Plumbing System Repair & Maintenance

Our expert team installs, repairs, and maintains the following plumbing system components:

  • Leaking faucets
  • Water closets
  • All types of plumbing fixtures
  • Pumping systems
  • Sump pumps
  • Domestic water booster systems
  • Hydronic systems and pumps
  • Sewage ejectors
  • Sanitary piping
  • Storm water piping
  • Gas piping
  • Process piping, including compressed air and high pressure fluid and gas systems
  • Oil and grease separators
  • And more

Contact us for expert advice and plumbing and piping system installation, repairs, and maintenance.