This project was awarded and commenced in the spring of 2021 as prime contract to Conestogo to perform all work including general trades, and mechanical sub trades, with a deadline of October 2021 for heating to be available for DAWB facility as well as new locations. The existing central plant boiler plant boilers, piping and breeching were demolished over the course of approximately one month. During this time design was in place to generate a full model of the boiler room as well as design for fabrication of piping and breeching systems. Fabrication commenced not long after and piping started to be delivered for installation. Piping runs through utility tunnels were replaced with new 8” heating and 10“ chilled water. New heating mains and pumps were installed for Schlegel building which replaced existing boilers serving this area. New heating piping complete with all accessories for boiler plant were installed through the summer months including controls, mechanical insulation and venting. Boilers were commissioned in October in preparation for heating season.